A crowd of people watching a horse race.

York Racecourse

This case study focuses on the proactive measures taken by York Racecourse to address concerns regarding unlicensed drone users operating around local properties during race events.


York Racecourse approached our organization with concerns about unlicensed drone operators filming races from above and overlooking nearby properties. This activity caused discomfort among residents, who felt their privacy was being invaded. To address this issue, the racecourse sought a solution that would protect the interests of both the residents and the racecourse.


The primary objective of this initiative was to mitigate the presence of unlicensed drone operators near the racecourse and neighbouring properties. By doing so, the racecourse aimed to safeguard its relationship with the residents and ensure a positive experience for racegoers.


To achieve the desired outcome, a comprehensive approach was implemented. The racecourse decided to implement a manned road closure on Cherry Lane, reinforced with a vehicle, to restrict access to only residents and racecourse staff with authorised vehicles. This measure allowed racegoers to attend on foot while preventing unauthorised drone operators from using Cherry Lane as a vantage point.


The implementation of the manned road closure on Cherry Lane yielded positive results. The presence of the closure deterred the unlicensed drone operators from using the area, effectively addressing the concerns raised by the racecourse and residents. As a result, the racecourse's relationship with the neighbouring residents has been protected and improved.


York Racecourse successfully addressed the issue of unlicensed drone use through the implementation of a manned road closure on Cherry Lane. This proactive measure not only mitigated the discomfort experienced by residents but also protected the racecourse's relationship with its neighbours. By prioritizing safety and privacy, the racecourse demonstrated its commitment to providing a positive experience for both residents and racegoers.