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Tracsis Live Technology

Live Monitoring and post event reporting using ANPR cameras and bespoke software

Live Traffic Monitoring and Reporting

"Monitor, Control, Improve"

Tracsis Live Traffic (TLT) is an advanced technology package, utlising digital ANPR cameras and bespoke reporting software that can be implemented at any major event to be able to gather real-time traffic information and apply live operational interventions.

Traffic flows and journey time data

Using our temporary ANPR cameras, and cloud sourced journey time data, the system can monitor & display live journey times, flow rates, travel speed, occupancy & vehicle counts drawing your attention to potential challenges as they start to occur. It will also record all of this information for later review, analysis and feeds into the effective planning for subsequent operations. The bespoke dashboard allows you to monitor traffic across both your site and the wider road network to inform sound real time control decisions to be made.

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Zone Occupancy

Understanding the flow rate and occupancy of your car parks is another key factor in the control structure and can be reported live through the dashboard to inform decision making. Data can also be reported post event for later analysis and planning.

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Vehicle Identification and Automated Payment

Our system allows staff or visitors to be pre-registered for access to specific zones using their VRN as a unique identifier, whilst also providing information as to those on site and how long they stayed. This can also be combined with pay on the day ticket sales.

ANPR cameras at the access points inform the operators at each location of approaching vehicles credentials, and so allows seamless entry with queries easily dealt with using the information available on the operators handheld device.

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Environmental Impact Studies

Knowing the environmental impact of your operation will be key to developing a road map toward the net zero targets. TLT can provide you with data to allow benchmarking of the current impact in terms of Carbon Footprint from traffic movements, and monitor ongoing progress towards net zero.

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Traffic Surveys

If live reporting is less important to you than post event statistics then Tracsis can provide a series of cost effective solutions to monitor, count and classify vehicle and pedestrian movements both in and around your site.

These insights can be invaluable in providing the information to plan the safe and effective delivery of subsequent events

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We provide event traffic management and car parking operations at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester. Our team support approximately 40 events per annum held at the venue, including Premier League football matches (c. 60,000 spectators), and alternative events (e.g., concerts) of variable nature and capacity. The contract is serviced from our nearby Manchester office location and a core team of highly experienced event managers.

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Parking Management

With 25+ years of expertise in managing parking operations at major UK events, our essential knowledge ensures seamless traffic management.

Police Accredited Traffic Officers directing traffic

Police Accredited Traffic Officers

Our licensed operatives actively direct traffic, enhancing event impressions and addressing limitations when police support is unavailable.

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Backstage and Production Traffic

We ensure site safety with controlled traffic management and secure access through our Traffic Marshals, Banksmen, and 24/7 SIA qualified personnel..

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Event Signage

We have our own in-house signs team for all your internal and external signage requirements.

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Traffic Management

Event Traffic Management is one of the most important elements of a successful event.

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We can offer the complete solution in pre-planning.

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Admissions and Gate Access

We have the experience to advise on the best approach for admissions to your event.

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We offer survey data from a wide variety of events across the UK.

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Zone Ex

Beyond the event boundary support.