Tracsis Events staff converse with motorists whilst conducting a survey.


We offer survey data from a wide variety of events across the UK.

Staying ahead of the curve

Using a range of survey techniques, the data we collect offers event organisers additional insights into traffic and people movement around events to help decision making.

Tracsis Events are the only company in the industry who can offer a full data collection service to support your event.

Using an inventory of technical monitoring equipment such as digital cameras, automatic number plate camera, pneumatic tube, various sensors and detectors and Artificial Intelligence, we can supply the full package to inform you how your event is running and the scale of the impacts of the increased traffic flows.

Tracsis Events Marshals surveying traffic

We can offer:

  • Vehicle Flows - Flow counts in/out of the event or wider area turning counts with classification by vehicle type.
  • Origin - Destination - Movement data on the origin-destination of Vehicles, Pedestrians and Cyclists.
  • Parking - On and off-street parking demand in the vicinity of the event, and capacity surveys that provide a detailed understanding of users.
  • Vehicle Speeds - Long and short-term monitoring of vehicle speeds, journey times and delays. Covering all vehicle types and public transport.
  • Air Quality Monitoring- Pre, during and post event monitoring of air quality to understand the environmental impacts of an event and inform decision makers on how to improve carbon related emissions
  • Public Transport - Passenger counts, station surveys, revenue surveys, user intercept surveys for rail, metro, subway, tram and bus transport that might be related to the event.
  • Cycling and Pedestrian - Short or long term user surveys of pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorised modes of transport in any environment
  • Passenger Counts - Managing passenger flows in stations and on trains

In 2023 we installed over 5000 automatic counting devices and over 29,000 temporary high mast digital cameras to monitor vehicle movements across the UK.

See our other services

Stewards assisting motorists parking

Parking Management

With 25+ years of expertise in managing parking operations at major UK events, our essential knowledge ensures seamless traffic management.

An aerial view of traffic on a motorway, overlayed by abstract wireframe data visualisations

Tracsis Live Technology

We can provide ANPR live monitoring and post event reporting on routes, speeds and much more.

Police Accredited Traffic Officers directing traffic

Police Accredited Traffic Officers

Our licensed operatives actively direct traffic, enhancing event impressions and addressing limitations when police support is unavailable.

A Tracsis Events Marshal directing traffic

Backstage and Production Traffic

We ensure site safety with controlled traffic management and secure access through our Traffic Marshals, Banksmen, and 24/7 SIA qualified personnel..

A person adjusting a yellow traffic sign

Event Signage

We have our own in-house signs team for all your internal and external signage requirements.

A Tracis Events Marshal directing traffic

Traffic Management

Event Traffic Management is one of the most important elements of a successful event.

Two Tracsis Events Marshals talking


We can offer the complete solution in pre-planning.

Customers queueing at a festival

Admissions and Gate Access

We have the experience to advise on the best approach for admissions to your event.

An aerial view of a crowd of people crossing a street.

Zone Ex

Beyond the event boundary support.