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Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show

This case study explores the long-standing partnership between Tracsis Events and the Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show, focusing on the evolution of their ticketing operations since 2011.


The Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show is an agricultural show that showcases a wide range of services and attracts a diverse audience. Tracsis Events has been involved in this event, offering various services, including ticketing operations, since 2011. Over the years, the ticketing landscape has undergone significant changes, transitioning from traditional paper tickets to e-tickets and adapting to evolving customer preferences.


As the industry shifted towards online ticket bookings, Tracsis Events faced the challenge of integrating digital ticketing solutions while ensuring a seamless experience for visitors. Additionally, the team had to adapt to different payment methods, transitioning from cash sales to card sales, to accommodate changing customer preferences.


Tracsis Events has been at the forefront of implementing innovative ticketing solutions at the Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, they have successfully introduced e-ticketing systems and facilitated online ticket sales. This transition has not only improved the efficiency of the ticketing process but also enhanced the overall visitor experience. 


Tracsis Events has collaborated closely with the Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show to implement these ticketing innovations. They have established ticket sales points at seven locations across the show site, ensuring convenient access for visitors. The team has also provided on-site support, assisting visitors with their admission arrangements and addressing any queries or concerns.


Through Tracsis Events' efforts, the Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show has witnessed a significant shift in ticketing operations. The introduction of e-tickets and online sales has streamlined the ticketing process, reducing waiting times and enhancing customer satisfaction. The ability to accept card payments has also improved convenience for visitors, aligning with modern payment preferences.


Tracsis Events' partnership with the Royal Berkshire (Newbury) Show exemplifies their commitment to innovation and excellence in the agricultural show industry. By continuously adapting to changing technologies and customer preferences, they have successfully transformed the ticketing operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both the event organisers and visitors.