A group of white tents on a grassy area.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr Flower Show

The RHS Garden Harlow Carr Flower Show is an annual event that brings together multiple components, including limited capacity carparks, a shuttle bus service, and coach parties.


The objective of this case study is to highlight the key roles and responsibilities of the project manager and onsite event manager in planning and executing the RHS Garden Harlow Carr Flower Show. Additionally, it aims to emphasise the significance of constant communication and proactive problem-solving to ensure a seamless experience for attendees.


The case study relies on firsthand observations and interviews with the project manager, onsite event manager, and other relevant stakeholders involved in the event planning and execution process. It also takes into account documented procedures and protocols followed during the Flower Show.


1. Planning and Coordination:
The project manager plays a crucial role in the pre-event planning phase. They are responsible for coordinating various aspects, such as car park occupancy, shuttle bus service, and coach party arrangements. By carefully considering the limited venue footprint, the project manager ensures that all moving parts operate smoothly and efficiently.

2. Independent Work with Constant Communication:
During the event, the onsite event manager takes charge of day-to-day operations. Their primary focus is to keep the client informed about car parking capacity and promptly address any issues that may arise. The event manager leads a practiced team that works independently but maintains constant communication to ensure a cohesive and well-coordinated effort.

3. Real-time Monitoring and Responsive Parking:
Continuous monitoring of car park occupancy is a critical aspect of the event's success. By closely tracking parking availability, the team can provide parking solutions in a responsive manner. This proactive approach minimises congestion and maximises convenience for attendees.

4. Problem-solving and Client Satisfaction:
The onsite event manager's role extends beyond monitoring car parking capacity. They are responsible for swiftly and appropriately addressing any problems that may occur during the event. By promptly resolving issues and ensuring client satisfaction, the event manager contributes to the overall success of the Flower Show.


The RHS Garden Harlow Carr Flower Show exemplifies the importance of efficient coordination, constant communication, and proactive problem-solving in managing a complex event within a limited venue footprint. The roles of the project manager and onsite event manager are crucial in ensuring a seamless experience for attendees. By continuously improving their capabilities and knowledge base, the team can enhance future iterations of the Flower Show and provide the best possible assistance to its visitors.