Aerial photograph of RAF Cosford Airshow

RAF Cosford Airshow

The RAF Cosford Airshow is a highly anticipated event that attracts a large number of visitors each year.

To ensure a smooth and organised experience for attendees, the event organisers sought the assistance of our consultancy and planning services for car parking management. Our expertise in this area allowed us to provide effective solutions to accommodate the high volume of daily visitors and their vehicles.


The primary objective of our consultancy and planning services was to optimise car parking arrangements at The RAF Cosford Airshow, ensuring efficient traffic flow, minimal congestion, and a seamless parking experience for attendees.


1. High Daily Visitors:
With an average of 60,000 daily visitors, managing the influx of vehicles was a significant challenge.

2. Large Number of Cars and Coaches:
The event required parking arrangements for approximately 12,000 cars and 100 coaches, necessitating careful planning and organization.

3. Traffic Flow Management:
Ensuring smooth traffic flow and minimizing congestion were crucial to prevent delays and provide a positive experience for attendees.


1. Consultancy and Planning:
Our team of experts conducted a thorough analysis of the event site and devised a comprehensive parking plan. This plan included designated parking areas, efficient traffic routing, and clear signage to guide attendees.

2. Community Safety Accreditation Scheme:
We implemented a Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) to enhance security and ensure a safe environment for all attendees and their vehicles. Trained personnel were deployed to monitor the parking areas and provide assistance when needed.

3. Coordinated Parking Zones:
To accommodate the large number of cars and coaches, we divided the parking areas into well-organised zones, ensuring efficient utilization of space and easy access for attendees.

4. Traffic Management System:
We implemented a traffic management system that included clear signage, designated entry and exit points, and efficient traffic routing to minimise congestion and facilitate smooth traffic flow.


1. Efficient Parking:
The consultancy and planning services resulted in a well-organised parking system, allowing for the smooth parking of approximately 12,000 cars and 100 coaches.

2. Improved Traffic Flow:
The implemented traffic management system effectively minimised congestion and ensured a seamless flow of vehicles in and out of the event site.

3. Enhanced Attendee Experience:
The optimised parking arrangements and clear signage provided a positive experience for the 60,000 daily visitors, contributing to the overall success of The RAF Cosford Airshow.


Through our consultancy and planning services, we successfully optimised car parking arrangements at The RAF Cosford Airshow. By implementing a comprehensive parking plan, utilizing the Car Parking CSAS, and managing traffic flow effectively, we ensured a seamless and efficient parking experience for the event's 60,000 daily visitors and their 12,000 cars and 100 coaches.