Horses racing past the Queen Mother stand at the Grand National

Racecourse services

Tracsis Events have a long history and detailed knowledge of what it takes to deliver consistently at these historic race venues.

Case studies

Three short case studies showcasing Tracsis Events racecourse credentials.

An aerial view of Beverley race course

Beverley Racecourse

Our client approached us with a safety concern of event customers crossing a busy main road back into the car parks en masse after the end of the race meetings. In addition to this, visitors walked in large numbers along the same busy road back into town while intoxicated, with all of the dangers this may cause.

To rectify this, we planned and implemented a Stop and Go traffic control measure for medium attendance meetings, which has allowed for safe crossing back into the car parks. For highly attended meetings, we designed and deployed a joint road closure and one-way traffic system, that allowed the creation of sterile pedestrian area outside the racecourse and a dedicated lane for pedestrians to walk safely back into Beverley.

The improvement in pedestrian safety was complimented by not just the racecourse but also by the local safety officers and police force.

Horses racing at York race course

York Racecourse

York Racecourse approached us with concerns about unlicensed drone users operating around local properties to film the races. This, understandably, made many of the residents deeply uncomfortable as filming was taking place above and overlooking their properties. It was important to the racecourse to protect their relationship with their neighbours.

To protect both the residents and the racecourse, a manned road closure, reinforced with a vehicle, was implemented on Cherry Lane to allow only residents and racecourse staff access with their vehicles, whilst still allowing racegoers to attend on foot.

As a result of the closure, the drone operators stopped using Cherry Lane, and the racecourse’s relationship with the residents has been protected and improved.

Aintree Racecourse

Aintree Grand National festival is a three-day festival. Last year, during the entry phase of the event on Grand National Saturday, a call came through from our operative on Seeds Lane telling us that the queue of people at the Embankment Enclosure gate was overspilling into the carriageway.

Following an inspection of the queue, Tracsis Events management and the police dynamically made the decision to close the road for a short period of time in the interests of safety. This allowed the queuing public to queue in safety. During this closure time Tracsis Events worked with the police to ensure horseboxes could still access the site under escort.

For the egress of the event, we instigated a supplementary road closure to deal with the large crowds leaving the Embankment Enclosure to ensure all visitors could leave the event in full safety.