Fireworks at the Boomtown Festival

Boomtown Festival

Boomtown Festival, a renowned annual music event, attracts over 70,000 festival-goers and accommodates more than 7,000 cars across its six access points.

To ensure a seamless and efficient parking experience, Boomtown Festival partnered with our consultancy and planning services to optimise their parking operations and maximise revenue from parking sales.


The primary objective of our consultancy services was to enhance the parking management system at Boomtown Festival, focusing on improving accessibility, minimizing congestion, and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, we aimed to optimise parking sales to generate higher revenue for the festival.


1. Comprehensive Planning:

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the festival site and its surrounding areas to identify potential parking spaces and access points.

  • Collaborated with festival organisers to understand their requirements and constraints.

  • Developed a detailed parking plan, considering factors such as traffic flow, parking capacity, and safety measures.

2. Efficient Parking Layout:

  • Designed an optimised parking layout to accommodate the large number of festival-goers and vehicles.

  • Implemented clear signage and markings to guide drivers to available parking spaces and minimise confusion.

  • Utilised advanced technology, such as parking sensors and real-time occupancy monitoring, to efficiently manage parking capacity.

3. Streamlined Parking Sales:

  • Implemented an online ticketing system for parking sales, allowing festival-goers to pre-book parking spaces and reducing on-site congestion.

  • Integrated the ticketing system with the festival's website and mobile app for a seamless user experience.

  • Provided real-time updates on parking availability to ensure accurate information for festival-goers.


1. Enhanced Accessibility:

  • Optimised parking layout and improved traffic flow, resulting in reduced congestion and smoother entry and exit for festival-goers.

  • Increased the number of access points to distribute traffic and minimise bottlenecks.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction:

  • Clear signage and real-time updates on parking availability reduced confusion and frustration among festival-goers.

  • Pre-booking option for parking spaces improved convenience and reduced wait times.

3. Increased Revenue:

  • Efficient parking sales system and online ticketing resulted in higher revenue generation from parking sales.

  • Real-time occupancy monitoring allowed for dynamic pricing strategies, maximizing revenue potential.


Through our consultancy and planning services, Boomtown Festival successfully streamlined their parking operations, resulting in improved accessibility, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased revenue from parking sales. By leveraging advanced technology and implementing efficient strategies, the festival was able to provide a seamless parking experience for its 70,000+ festival-goers and accommodate over 7,000 cars across its six access points.