An aerial view of a horse race track.

Beverley Racecourse

Beverley Racecourse approached our team with concerns regarding the safety of event customers crossing a busy main road after race meetings.


The objective was to address the risks associated with large groups of intoxicated visitors walking back into town along the same road. This case study outlines the measures we implemented to enhance pedestrian safety and mitigate potential hazards.


The primary challenge was to ensure the safe crossing of event customers back into the car parks while minimizing the risks associated with intoxicated pedestrians walking along the busy main road.


To address this safety concern, we devised and implemented two distinct traffic control measures based on the attendance levels of race meetings.

1. Stop and Go Traffic Control Measure:
For medium attendance meetings, we introduced a Stop and Go traffic control measure. This approach facilitated the safe crossing of event customers back into the car parks. By implementing this measure, we ensured that pedestrians had designated time intervals to cross the road safely, minimizing the risk of accidents.

 2. Joint Road Closure and One-Way Traffic System:
For highly attended meetings, we designed and deployed a joint road closure and one-way traffic system. This comprehensive solution created a sterile pedestrian area outside the racecourse, ensuring the safety of pedestrians. Additionally, a dedicated lane was established to enable intoxicated visitors to walk safely back into Beverley. This system effectively separated pedestrians from vehicular traffic, reducing the potential dangers associated with intoxicated individuals on the road.


The implementation of these measures significantly improved pedestrian safety at Beverley Racecourse. The initiatives received positive feedback not only from the racecourse but also from local safety officers and the police force. The following outcomes were observed:

1. Enhanced Safety:
The Stop and Go traffic control measure and the joint road closure system successfully minimized the risks associated with large groups of pedestrians crossing the busy main road.

2. Positive Stakeholder Feedback:
The improvements in pedestrian safety were commended by both the racecourse management and local safety authorities, highlighting the effectiveness of the implemented measures.


By addressing the safety concerns of event customers crossing the main road and intoxicated pedestrians walking back into town, our team successfully implemented traffic control measures at Beverley Racecourse. The Stop and Go traffic control measure and the joint road closure system significantly enhanced pedestrian safety, ensuring a safer environment for all visitors.