A group of jockeys are racing on the grass in front of a large crowd.

Aintree Racecourse

This case study focuses on the effective management of crowd safety and traffic flow during the Aintree Grand National festival, a three-day event held at Aintree Racecourse.


During the entry phase of the event on Grand National Saturday, an operational staff member reported that the queue of people at the Embankment Enclosure gate was overflowing onto the carriageway on Seeds Lane. Recognizing the potential safety risks associated with this situation, Tracsis Events and the police collaborated to address the issue promptly.

Actions Taken

1. Dynamic Road Closure:
Upon inspection of the queue, Tracsis Events management and the police made the decision to temporarily close the road in the interests of safety. This closure aimed to prevent any potential accidents or hazards caused by the overflow of the queue onto the carriageway. By closing the road, the queuing public could safely wait within the designated area.

 2. Coordination with Police:
During the road closure, Tracsis Events worked closely with the police to ensure that horseboxes, essential for the event, could still access the site under escort. This collaboration allowed for the smooth movement of necessary vehicles while prioritizing the safety of both attendees and participants.

 3. Supplementary Road Closure for Egress:
To facilitate the safe departure of visitors from the Embankment Enclosure after the event, Tracsis Events implemented a supplementary road closure. This measure aimed to manage the large crowds leaving the enclosure and ensure a controlled and orderly flow of traffic. By closing the road temporarily, all attendees could leave the event premises safely.

Results and Impact

The proactive decision-making and collaborative efforts between Tracsis Events management and the police yielded several positive outcomes:

1. Enhanced Safety:
By closing the road during the entry phase and implementing a supplementary closure for egress, the risk of accidents and potential hazards was significantly reduced. Attendees could queue and leave the event in a secure environment.

2. Efficient Traffic Flow:
The coordinated approach to managing traffic flow, including escorting horseboxes and implementing road closures, contributed to the smooth movement of vehicles in and out of the event site. This ensured minimal disruptions and improved overall traffic management.


The case study demonstrates the successful management of crowd safety and traffic flow during the Aintree Grand National festival. Through dynamic decision-making, collaboration with the police, and the implementation of temporary road closures, Tracsis Events effectively ensured the safety of attendees and maintained efficient traffic operations. These measures exemplify the commitment to providing a secure and enjoyable experience for all visitors to the event.