TLT Traffic Module Update

03 December 19

There have been some exciting new developments to SEP’s TLT platform over recent months. The Tracsis Live Technology (TLT) platform, developed specifically for events has two main elements with overlapping and complimentary functionality:

A diagram illustrating Traffic Monitoring and Personnel & Contractor Management

The Traffic Monitoring module provides live monitoring and post event analysis of journey times, speeds, flow rates, zone occupancies and much more. A recent addition to the platform is the integration of Crowdsourced vehicle journey time data.  This provides live data on journey times and congestion along specified routes without the need to set up and maintain roadside equipment.  The data is fed into TLT in the same way as the ANPR method, giving full access to our standard analysis functionality. This unique combination allows key decisions to be made with all the necessary information in one place, to give your visitors the very best possible experience.

Total event monitoring, analysis and control sheet

For more information, contact Look out for an update on the Personnel & Contractor Management module coming soon…..