TLT Personnel & Contractor Management Module Update

11 December 19

The Tracsis Live Technology (TLT) platform, developed specifically for events, has two main elements with overlapping and complimentary functionality; Traffic Monitoring and Personnel & Contractor Management.

A diagram illustrating Traffic Monitoring and Personnel & Contractor Management

The Personnel & Contractor Management module allows you to monitor the movement of people at site boundaries & within the event site to ensure that access is secure during build & break phases along with live event days. During these phases it is crucial to know who is on site and when, and that all those on site are supposed to be there and are properly qualified to do their role. This can be used to assist with CDM requirements.

  • Create contractor or guest portals with unique URL’s to register their details prior to arriving on site.

  • Assign access levels to individuals or groups to allow or deny access to different zones, dates or times.

  • Associate individuals to ID Cards, wristbands, key fobs etc.

  • Set up scanning points within specific zones or integrate with existing systems and infrastructure.

  • Set up alerts to notify you about individuals’ movements.

  • Set max occupancy levels to inform when areas are nearing capacity.

  • Quickly see who is still on site at any given time.

  • Associate RFID devices to onsite applications such as meal vouchers or drinks tokens, therefore reducing cash on site.

Total event monitoring, analysis and control sheet

For more information, contact Check out our previous update on the TLT Traffic Monitoring Module.  Together, this unique combination allows key decisions to be made with all the necessary information in one place, to give your visitors the very best possible experience.