Managing The Business Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

04 December 20

Whilst 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been particularly difficult for those who operate within the event sector. We work within an industry that requires flexibility and dynamic management of ever-changing situations. None of which can be compared to the fluidity of the continually evolving requirements for events to still operate and, the management required whilst delivering our services through the pandemic.

Over the past 9 months we have worked hard to ensure we support as many people as possible through the pandemic. With two national lockdowns and repeatedly planning for events that were either cancelled at the very last minute or booked only days before they were due to take place.

The support we have provided to not only our contracted staff, but, also the high number of casual staff that we were able to enter into the Government Job Retention scheme, is reflective of their continued willingness to accept the last minute work assignments we have been able to offer them. We really appreciate the loyalty you have shown us and most have been extremely appreciative that we have done as much as possible to extend the government aid as far as we could.

Our Health and Safety Team have implemented new safe systems of work, assessed all of our office and storage facilities to ensure they are certified COVID secure and rolled out new training modules ensuring our staff are well briefed on the latest working practices.

The Logistics Department have responded in quickly turning around many last-minute requests for additional signs, equipment and vehicles to further support events and their ever-changing needs.

The Operations Team have been amazing through the past few months, with many being on furlough and being asked to deploy at very short notice as events get confirmed with only a few days lead time. They have all been willing to take on new tasks and rise to the challenge of delivering roles that are different to their normal type of work.

The workforce at SEP have really been fantastic over these past 9 months. For that we are truly thankful for their continued support and understanding through these abnormal times.

We have also been busy developing new products and services, diversifying our business to assist events in being able to operate during the pandemic.

Below are some of the new aspects we now offer:

  • Track and Trace systems through Tracsis Live Technology (TLT)

  • COVID Marshalling

  • Automated social distance monitoring

  • RFID personnel accreditation & management.

Alongside some of the new products, services, and diversification we have successfully adapted to deliver operations to new clients. We have recently been awarded the traffic and parking management of the Manchester Mass Vaccination Centre and are looking forward to working with the NHS to support the vaccination roll out over the coming months.

SEP will continue to work hard through the winter planning for the 2021 summer and looking forward to a return to the "new normal".