Glastonbury 2024 Deposit Information

14 February 24

How much is the deposit?

The deposit amount has not gone up from 2023’s price despite the ticket price increase and will remain at £400 for workers in 2024.

Why do you take a deposit?

As a standard, most staff and service providers to Glastonbury stipulate a deposit scheme to secure a place at the festival. This is due to the sell-out certainty of the event and the monetary value of the wristband you will receive as part of your role.

When do I need to pay it?

Once you are booked into your shifts by one of the team, you will have approximately two weeks to send across the deposit. We will specify which day we need to receive it by on the confirmation email we will send confirming your shifts at the event.

How do I pay?

Once you have been booked into your shifts, our team will send you a confirmation email to verify your place. This email will contain details on how to complete the payment of your deposit, the company bank details in order for you to send the transfer and your unique reference code. The transaction can be done very easily using online banking, using your unique code as the reference. Once you have transferred the deposit, we ask that you screenshot a payment successful page that verifies the amount and destination and send it in an email to

What happens if I don’t pay it on time?

We will send plenty of reminders in advance of the deadline, but unfortunately, we will have to reallocate your shifts to someone else on our list if we have not received your deposit in time. Our team will make you aware if we have released your shifts for reallocation. If you pay your deposit after your shifts have been reallocated, we will refund you straight away.

Can someone pay for me/Can I pay for other people?

Yes. Each deposit must be paid in a separate transaction with each person’s own unique code as the reference. Simply send one amount with one code, and then the second with the other person’s code. These unique codes will be found on each person’s quick confirmation that will be sent after confirming shifts. Deposits will be returned to the bank account they were sent from, so if someone paid for you, they will receive the refund.

If I need to cancel my shifts, will I get my deposit back?

Yes. We completely understand that plans change, so if you are no longer able to attend the event, we will action the return of your deposit as soon as you make us aware. We must be aware that you will not be attending before the event starts, otherwise we will consider you a no-show. We also ask that you give the team as much notice as possible of your cancellation, in order to reallocate your shifts to someone else.

When will I get my deposit back?

On completion of your scheduled work hours, your deposit will be refunded in full shortly after the event. We will endeavour to return your deposit as soon as possible, but due to the volume of returns, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive it. All returned deposits will go back to the account they were paid from in a separate payment to your wages.

Under what circumstances would I not receive my deposit back?

If you fail to show up for any of your scheduled shifts and do not have a valid reason for not attending, you will not receive your deposit back after the event. Our onsite team will attempt to contact you if you are missing from shifts but if we do not locate you and you do not make contact, your deposit will be forfeit after the festival.

If you are required to leave mid-event due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive your deposit back after the event, provided you see our admin team located at the Tracsis Events cabin in the campsite before you leave site. The team will remove your wristband before you leave and inform our office that you are due a deposit refund. If you leave site without having your wristband removed, we will not be able to process a refund.

When creating a profile with Tracsis Events, all staff agree to the Casual Worker Agreement which specifies the code of conduct that the company expects on all work sites. A full copy can be found on your profile at any time at the bottom of the ‘My Details’ tab. Any breach of Tracsis Events’ code of conduct whilst at the event, whether on shift or not, is grounds for the forfeit of your deposit as well as the removal of your event wristband and ejection from site (including the campsite).

An example of a breach of code of conduct would be any behaviour that would be deemed unacceptable in a workplace, for example: drinking alcohol whilst on shift, abusive behaviour, illegal activity and so on. For more information, please refer to the Casual Worker Agreement on your staff profile, specifically the section labelled ‘Conduct’.