F1 British Grand Prix 2019 - Silverstone

16 July 19

Wow, another amazing F1 for Silverstone Circuit and SEP are proud to be a part of it. Huge thanks to all our staff who were on site throughout the event - without your hardwork and dedication this just wouldn't be possible. For those of you who are interested here are some facts to put it into perspective: 

Silverstone logo

  • If we total up all the hours for the staff we deploy for F1 it is equivalent to 395 days.

  • On the Sunday, between the circuit and P&R, SEP parked 21687 vehicles which bumper to bumper would go around the track 19 times.

  • With all the vehicles parked over the whole event by SEP (44357) that's 39 times around the track.

  • The whole event figure of cars, at 4.5m per car is 199,606m bumper to bumper which is half way to the International Space Station!