A Look Behind Closed Doors

29 March 21

All this season we have had a reduced team of staff delivering a ‘behind closed doors’ operation for the matches at Manchester City Football Club's Etihad Stadium.

For the past eight months the SEP team have been facilitating parking for vehicles on site every matchday. This includes assisting accreditation checks and filtering of vehicles at the entry points, to parking everyone from staff and media, and even the players themselves, all in a socially distanced manner.

A marshal directing traffic

As part of our operation, we also have a dedicated site maintenance team looking after some of the club’s temporary infrastructure. The team deploys and removes, of 680 pedestrian barriers around site to help deliver ‘behind closed doors’ as a safe and secure matchday operation. They also deploy and operate tower lights for those dark winter evenings.

Workmen unloading fencing from a flat back truck.Three people standing in front of a flat-back lorry.

We are extremely proud of the way our team has adapted to the challenges of the last year and look forward to when normality begins to return. The effort and attitude from the team is excellent, they work in all conditions from cold frosty mornings to snow covered car parks and wet winter nights. They are always smiling and happy to help deliver the high levels of customer service the club prides itself on.

Working at the Etihad for the last few years there has always been that one team approach. It makes you feel less like a contractor, more like working as a partner in delivering their world class football experience.