2020 Vision with Tracsis Live Technology

16 January 20

A diagram title Crowdsourced Journey Time Data

Crowdsourced Data – Journey Times


The Tracsis Live Technology (TLT) platform offers total event monitoring and access control.  The system can provide live monitoring and post event reporting of ingress and egress times, route speeds, route flow rates, zone capacities, vehicle profiling and additional security functionality, all tailored to your events’ requirements. Via its Personnel and Contractor Management module, TLT can also monitor the movement of people at site boundaries & within the event site to ensure that access is secure during build & break phases along with live event days. During these phases it is crucial to know who is on site and when, and that all those on site are supposed to be there and are properly qualified to do their role.  This can be used to assist with CDM requirements. This unique combination allows key decisions to be made with all the necessary information in one place, to give your visitors the very best possible experience. For 2020, we have added Crowdsourced vehicle journey time data to TLT, providing live data on journey times and congestion along specified routes without the need to set up and maintain roadside equipment.

How it Works

Our crowdsourced module uses the same datasets used to drive Google Maps and Waze.  This works by analysing the GPS-determined locations transmitted to by a large number of mobile phone users along with data from traditional traffic sensors such as induction loops and traffic cameras. All iPhones that have Google Maps open and Android phones that have location services turned on send anonymous bits of data. This allows us to analyse the total number of cars, and how fast they're going, on a road at any given time. By setting up specific start and end points to create routes, TLT pulls the current journey time between those points at set intervals and stores them within the platform a. This feeds into a live graphical and tablular dashboard with in-built analytical tools for post event analysis. Note: While this data is available to the public using Google Map app’s on mobile devices, the public version has a 15-minute delay to the “live” feed.  Any action taken will also take a period of time to take effect, which then translates into a 30 minute period where you can’t be sure what is happening.  Our data is to the minute.  We’re able to manage and record traffic journey times effectively & accurately and analyse it in detail.  When added to the other layers of our TLT system; ANPR and Contractor Management, you can have all this data for your event at your fingertips.


Live data is fed through to our main TLT dashboard.  This displays the current journey time and speed in tabular and map-based form along the specific routes, with colour coding on the other parts of the road network showing current traffic flow information.

Route information map

Clicking on individual routes allows the user to drill down into the data, with information displayed in graph format.  The data can be downloaded from here into various formats for further analysis.

Data analysis software

From the data gathered, our Data Analytics Team can produce bespoke reports to cover items such as:

  • Evidence base to show your events’ impact on the local transport infrastructure

  • Demonstrate how effectively Traffic Management changes performed

  • Highlight when/where congestion hotspots occurred

  • Compare data across days/weeks/years or different events at your venue

A page from a Tracsis bespoke reportA page from a Tracsis bespoke report


Using our Crowdsourced data module to provide live and post event journey time information gives invaluable insights into the traffic movements around your event.  Different routes can be set up for specific days before, during and after your event to provide full picture of the impact that build, event and break traffic has on the local transport infrastructure.  This can aid with ongoing improvements to your traffic management plan and also help provide evidence to local authorities, highways departments, emergency services and local residents regarding perceived congestion on surrounding routes. Other TLT modules are also available to provide a more detailed picture: ANPR Technology – In addition to point to point journey times, this provides Origin-Destination information of vehicles, flow rates, zone occupancy, duration of stay, vehicle profiling (vehicle class, fuel types, emissions data etc.), search and notification functionality. Personnel & Contractor Management – Registration and induction portals, RFID Pass printing, vehicle passes, access control, CDM compliance. For more information, please visit Our Website or contact tracsisTLT@sepevents.co.uk.